Recovery of catalysts exhausted out of use

Recovery of catalysts exhausted out of use

AGR, is authorized for all kinds of catalysts out of use, for which the recovery of metals is not possible or cost-effective and environmentally, they must be managed and for those whose metals can be recovered and returned to the owner, or valued and paid according to the price of metals exchange.

Metal recovery technologies are very complex, the important thing is to have agreements with final partners that have innovative technologies that allow to retrieve the highest percentage possible of metals

Precious metals

  • Our agreement with an American multinational company, with facilities in the United States, Canada and Europe allows recovering precious metals such as: Platinum, Palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, gold and silver.

Othter metals such as cobalt, nickel, vanadium, molybdenum and tunsgten

The final process is made in a latest technology facility in Germany.


When the vanadium content is important, we end the process in a facility exclusively designed for this type of catalysts in Germany.